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Digital Transformation With Salesforce - 2018

Beating Back the Challenges of Digital Transformation

How's your digital transformation going? What processes are you focusing on? Who's leading the transformation? What technologies are a priority? What challenges do you face? 

In particular, there is a need for an innovation framework which roots executives in the mind of the customer – helping create empathy for the customer along the lines of design thinking and quickly revealing disruptive opportunities.


Two-thirds of all business leaders believe that their companies must pick up the pace of digitalization to remain competitive.

Executive leaders are frustrated with the slow pace of digital transformation, as they watch competitors capture new opportunities. CEOs are looking to CIOs to create new efficiencies, new value and new ways to engage constituents using technology, quickly.


A Digital Transformation Framework for Success Salesforce. You must take important steps to creating a practical transformation strategy for any business.

  1. Start big.
  2. Build the right workforce.
  3. Focus everything on the customers.
  4. Connect the digital dots.
  5. Empower employees with data.

Use Salesforce As An Epicenter Of Your Digital Transformation Strategy

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Digital Transformation Tools

Future-Proof Your Business in A Connected Cloud

Application Integration

Cetrix connects all your applications to Salesforce, Pardot and HubSpot to create a unified and optimized system.


Digital Process Automation

We adapt the World’s No. 1 CRM to your processes to help you increase sales efficiency towards your strategic goals.


Analytics & AI

We work with analytics and big data and AI software platforms to give our customers the most advanced decision-making tools of our age.


Data Migration

The success of a Salesforce migration project depends on proper planning, careful cleaning and mapping of data, performed by qualified experienced data engineers.


Get More for Less with
Cetrix Integrated Automation

Sales and Marketing functions have always been pioneers in adopting new trends and technologies. The same holds true with digital process automation.


What Value Do We Offer You, Our Customer?

  • Only Cetrix offers integrated CRM, Marketing, and Analytics solutions.
  • We only partner and work with world’s best cloud software providers.
  • Our world-class solutions are affordable for every startup and SMB.
  • We offer discounts for nonprofits, startups and educational institutions.
  • We back our services with comprehensive support plans.
  • A community of satisfied customers is a testimony to the value we offer.

Industry Focus

We serve customers across all industries, but focus on three industries every season.



Healthcare and life science organizations

can take advantage of our special offers

on Salesforce and our services.


Financial Services

Learn how the right CRM system can provide your business with the tools it needs to keep customers happy and grow.


Higher Education

This Spring, Higher Education institutions can enroll in our CRM and Marketing solutions and services for special prices.


Nonprofit Organizations

Learn how the right CRM system can provide your organization with the tools it needs to keep customers happy and grow.

The quickest and easiest way to get you off to a strong start on your automation journey


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Hear from Our Clients

Businesses of every size and industry trust Cetrix Cloud Services.

Mark Pendolino
Cetrix was a pleasure to work with, always very communicative, thorough and on time with deadlines. He is a busy man for good reason. I look forward to working with them again.

Director of Marketing - Performance Technology Partners, LLC

Lynn Mason-Small
Mark integrated Pardot into our Salesforce environment for us quickly and efficiently. Job performed exactly as needed.

Sr. VP Business Development - Rogers & Gray Insurance

Cetrix has been great to work with. I can say for certain that I would not have been able to wade into the deep waters of Salesforce without their guidance. Fortunately they made themselves available to answer all my questions - from the basic to the complex - always with patience and understanding. I look forward to working with Cetrix again in the future.

Entrepreneur in Residence - Propeller Venture Capital

Brian Scopinich
Cetrix was a pleasure to work with. Very attentive to detail and came up with more than one potential solution to the problem we contracted with him to assist with. Provided daily updates to the task at hand. Highly recommended.

Director of Technology - Healthy Business Group, LLC

Alan Falik
As a new Salesforce customer, it has been difficult for us to get reliable, smart consultants/programmers. Mark and his team were exactly what we needed. They communicated exceptionally well and worked with us to fully understand our needs. I look forward to working with Cetrix on future projects

President, Aquasol & Poolsure

Sandeep Banga
Mark is great to work with ... He did a great job describing the solution in the proposal, was available when we needed him ... He went above and beyond to help complete our proposal on a very tight timeline.

Founder & CEO, Acutedge, Inc.

Nicole Ford
Our team had never used a CRM system, but people at Cetrix walked us through every step as patiently as they could. What I really loved was that they were able to add valuable suggestions to enhance our CRM site ... Cetrix has truly been one of my best experiences, and we now consider them as part of the team ... Because of Cetrix, our team can better communicate with our clients.

Director, HBCU Tours

Liesl Ramsay
Mark was great! I couldn't ask for a better experience. Wait until you hear him on Skype; he is focused, patient and just the right combo of get'er done/calm. His written communication skills are outstanding. I'm looking forward to doing more work with Cetrix.

Leete Generators

Tashy Green
ScriptEd had the pleasure of working with Cetrix Cloud Services on a Salesforce Database Customization project ... the donation of services has allowed ScriptEd to efficiently and affordably build out the Salesforce CRM that we use to manage our programming ... Over the duration of the project, they were professional, patient, flexible, and thorough. ScriptEd is thankful for and would highly recommend the pro-bono services of Cetrix Cloud Services.

ScriptEd Inc.

Jeff Modzelewski
Cetrix was easy to work with, worked quickly, and the work was excellent. Going into the job I didn't know exactly how to talk about what it was that our organization needed done with Salesforce, but they were able to easily figure out what our needs were and customize Salesforce for us. We were very pleased with their work.

The Diversity Center of Northern Ohio

Chris Lesner
Great company to work with. They went above and beyond in order to make sure we got exactly what we needed. They helped us think through a lot that we didn't even think of as well.

Founder & CEO - Project World Impact

Robert Cardiff
Cetrix team was great to work with! They will be my go to Salesforce experts. Thank you.

Director of Sales - BuildFire

You demonstrated tremendous patience as we learned the system and you really did an excellent job setting up the infrastructure which should allow us to grow. I do not know if Cetrix utilizes rating system, but in my book you deserve the highest level of recognition. (If it’s 1 -5, then you are clearly a 5+++!).

President & CEO-Disability Opportunity Fund>


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Cetrix relies on its prominent technology and business partners in providing quality services to its customers

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