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A Fresh Breeze through the Cloud

The increasing complexity of relationships in our world has forced organizations to introduce technology into their processes. However, technology alone cannot make the expected impact on an organization’s internal and external interactions.

Depending on the type of technology, coherence among different technologies and between these tools and their users, transformation of internal processes and work habits towards maximum use of the new technologies, and above all, quality and granularity of planning required for implementation and supervision of such use, are some of the factors that could make or break such an endeavor.

... a collection of technologies that are not intricately integrated into a unified system will not be able to respond to an organization’s increasing demands in a highly competitive landscape. 

Realizing the above, Cetrix Technologies formed a cloud services business unit to address the challenges of this difficult situation. To cope with increasing complexity of business relationships, we concluded that it is imperative to include the below elements in any technology introduction effort in commercial or non-commercial entities:

  1. A comprehensive solution must be offered that includes among other things includes extensive analysis and discovery of changing requirements of an organization

  2.  Detailed planning of an aggressive but practical road map

  3.  A toolset technologies comprised of robust and powerful CRM, marketing automation and analytics software that are integrated into a unified automation system

  4.  Expert specialists capable of planning, implementing and maintaining such a complex system


Integrated Automation

As stated in no.3 above, a collection of technologies that are not intricately integrated into a unified system will not be able to respond to an organization’s increasing demands in a highly competitive landscape. As a technology company, we have decided to focus on this aspect, with the aim of making such complex systems accessible to small to medium size businesses and organizations. Therefore,

Cetrix Cloud Services developed its solutions and services around the world’s best business and management software systems available. We are partners with Salesforce, IBM, Cloudera, Intel, Microsoft and more in order to offer a full spectrum of services to our clients.

We have selected Salesforce as our premier CRM platform, Pardot and Hubspot for marketing automation for organizations and companies of all sizes, and devised implementation and support plans to make all this as affordable and accessible as possible to these organizations.

To complement our services with data gathering, storage and analytics, we offer Salesforce Wave and Einstein, IBM Watson, Google Analytics and Cloudera Hadoop platform.

With Salesforce at the core, we integrate various business software systems to create a consistent, connected and unified cloud-based business management system for SMEs and Startups in any sectors.

Salesforce For Small Business

Salesforce Platform

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