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Saad Murad

Saad Murad
Saad joined Cetrix in 2011 bringing more than a decade of experience in technology company marketing and sales management. By profession, he is a consultant helping B2B companies accelerate revenue growth through sales and marketing optimization. Over the past fifteen years, he has developed global marketing operations programs, training and effectiveness audit across multiple industry sectors. He is an expert both on HubSpot platform and Salesforce eco-system. He wears many hats at Cetrix Cloud Services while running the growth strategy at his job; he’s happy to be on the ground floor in the marketing and sales departments whenever the opportunity arises. On the rare occasions that he isn’t working, he’s somewhere in the high mountains.

Recent Posts

2019 Salesforce MarTech: An Integrated B2B Marketing and Sales Engine

Saad Murad - Dec 17, 2018 11:33:28 AM
"As B2B marketers increasingly lead the entire buying experience, they must establish a foundation of insights and pivot from campaign to engagement design that encompasses both digital and human interactions. In 2019, we predict that vendors' response to this need will accelerate as their customers commit to full life-cycle marketing"

Transforming Sales and Marketing Alignment from Linear to Multi-Dimensional and Holistic

Approaching 2019, integrating marketing and sales around common results has never been more critical. It has become a prerequisite to getting full value out of the new capabilities enabled by new technology and data-driven capabilities. Many B2B companies are reaching the point where they must accelerate their digital transformation to engage their customers impactfully. Empowering your teams with AI-powered tools is essential to delivering the level of customer experience today’s B2B buyers expect.

Topics: Sales and Marketing Alignment

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Salesforce sales and marketing alignment in integration scenarios

Saad Murad - Nov 18, 2018 11:09:35 AM

When marketing focuses on maximizing lead generation and sales centers on closing as many deals as they can, your organization suffers. In a study by Hubspot, they discovered “Businesses with effective Sales and Marketing alignment achieved 208% higher marketing revenue than organizations with a disjointed team.” Despite increasing recognition of the importance of aligning your teams, only about half of the companies reported having high marketing alignment last year.

Topics: Sales and Marketing Alignment

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AI-Powered B2B Content Personalization Based on Live User Intent

Saad Murad - Jun 5, 2018 3:19:48 PM


Traditionally, content management systems managed both B2B and back-office platforms. Sites were also more or less “static” since content was usually focused on standardized products, homogeneous markets, and long life-cycles. All customers received the same content, usually served through a single channel.

Topics: User Intent Prediction

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