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How Automation is Changing Digital Marketing

Paul Nilsen - Oct 27, 2019, 2:54:17 PM

Remember the days as a little kid, playing with the neighborhood kids imagining a future filled with robots, hover cars, and smart homes? Well, those childhood fantasies are here. Artificial intelligence is no longer the next best thing, it’s here, and it’s coming in hot. Automation has been changing the job market for centuries, and you may not even realize it. The cotton gin automated how cotton fibers and their seeds were separated back in the 1700s. Henry Ford automated the production of cars with his assembly line. Now, chatbots have automated how companies interact with their customers to resolve issues.

 Automation has infiltrated every industry on the market, including digital marketing. If you’re currently getting a degree in marketing or have been in the marketing industry for years, it’s important you know about automation and its impact on your industry. Below, we’ll go over what you need to know about how marketing automation and the digital marketing scene.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Simply put, artificial intelligence (AI) is intelligence held by a machine. The point of AI is to automate everyday processes to make life easier. For example, when you open your Gmail account, you may notice all of your emails are sorted primary, social, promotions, and spam folders. Why is that? AI uses an algorithm to understand the purpose of each email coming your way to sort each one accurately. How about when you open your Spotify or Apple Music app, and you see a specially curated playlist? AI keeps track of your listening habits to find a group of artists you may like.

AI is making life easier for everyone, and major tech giants are hoping for AI-powered machines to supersede human intelligence to make the world a better place. However, we’re only in the beginning stages now, so it’s important that you stay up to date on how AI is being integrated into your industry.

How is Automation Helping Marketers?

As you know, automation is helping people in a variety of ways, including marketers. Some ways AI can be used in your line of work include:

  • Customer Service: Previously, businesses would need to hire a team of customer support representatives to deal with customer complaints, questions, feedback, and more. However, chatbots are changing how businesses interact with customers, and AI is now capable of answering in-depth questions without business owners having to hire a team of customer service representatives. Additionally, CRM software are now utilizing the power of AI to store and manage transactions to better understand consumer habits.


  • SEO: Search engine optimization is essential to succeeding online. Major search engines such as Google and Yahoo use AI to understand users’ thoughts better. AI has the ability to read content and determine which content is engaging, and which content doesn’t add value to the Internet. Additionally, if you’re a marketer wondering why you’re not ranking, you may need to invest in link building services to gain authority and trust from these search engine powerhouses. Having your website’s links placed on other authoritative websites will show Google’s AI robots your website is trusted by others.


  • Social Media: Social media marketing is another major component of digital marketing. AI has the ability to provide data on when and how you should post on social media, as well as recommend content to users based on their interests and recent searches.

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Marketing Jobs AI is Taking Over

While AI is helping the lives of people across the world, it’s also taking away thousands of jobs. For example, we no longer need people working at toll booths thanks to electronic toll collection systems, nor do we need factory workers building cars thanks to inventions like welding and painting robots and conveyor belts. If you’re a digital marketer, here are some areas AI is taking over:


  • Advertising: No longer do companies need to purchase billboards or newspaper ads. AI has the ability to target your ads to consumers online. Popular AI ads placements include Facebook Ads and Google Ads and can predict user intent to target your brand’s audience.


  • Content Creation: If you’re a writer, beware. AI now has the ability to create content using data. While AI-generated content has a long way to go, current prototypes are proving a robot can write a pretty compelling story.


  • Email Marketing: Typing out an email and sending one-by-one? Forget about it. AI has the power to create personalized emails using data from your contact list. On the bright side, this means designing email marketing campaigns has never been easier.

Key Takeaways

Whether you like it or not, AI is here to stay, and as they say, “If you can’t beat it, join it.” Hopping on board the AI bandwagon is crucial to your company’s success. And, if you’re a marketer, you need to do your best to learn about the digital landscape and how automation is revolutionizing how businesses market themselves if you want to hold a job in this industry. While AI is improving mundane processes, such as dealing with customers and streamlining social media posts, it’s also taking away jobs, such as writing and email marketing.


Paul Nilsen

Paul Nilsen

Paul Nilsen is the director of solution development at Cetrix Cloud Services. He also works with the Solution Development Department at Cetrix Technologies, where he headed the department for three years. Paul has over 20 years of experience in IT, working on software engineering projects, hardware-software product integration, design of special purpose systems using artificial intelligence, and implementing CRM and ERP software systems.

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