Investing in digital Transformation in the age of Covid-19

Paul Nilsen - Mar 27, 2020 7:38:23 AM

The Ongoing Coronavirus pandemic is growing rapidly day by day. It has infected and killed more than thousands of people in many nations. As the sudden and rapid growth of the viral infection, all affected nations and states tends to announce the lockdown to protect their citizen’s health. In this situation, those organizations who greatly rely upon offline or site dependent human interaction are adversely affected. In this article, we will discuss that how those affected organizations can develop and upgrade their businesses by making investments in digital transformations.
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the best platform for every business organization, as it provides all of its products and services to everybody from customer care, business development, marketing, and any other business route. Site dependent organizations can help protect their business using CRM approach, as it allows organizations to work remotely. However there are several different approaches including CRM for these non-digitalized organizations to strengthen their businesses by utilizing digital transformations.

How Digital Transformation can help Organizations to grow during the Covid-19 Outbreak?
This is an era of digital transformation. Science and technology helps organizations to grow and increase their business by adopting digital trends. I’ve discussed about various priority areas especially for Sales and marketing organizations to improve their performances and productivity during this pandemic.
  •Significance of Digital Initiatives during COVID-19
Present time is the perfect time for Sales and marketing organizations to take an initiative in adopting digital trends in their business. There are many advantages for organizations to alter their career by making an investment in digital transformations. It helps organizations to minimize their internal transactions cost structure, manage customer’s conferences in a specific timeframe, and permitting them to gain competitive estimation. Many organizations realizing the effect of coronavirus on their businesses and busy in finding successful measures to cope up with this condition. Digital activities should now be put first when it reaches to Sales and Marketing companies. They have totally changed their infrastructure and provides them the facility of online advertisements and Visual communication.
  •Planning and Implementation of CRM
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a digitalized platform that helps in managing customer interaction and organizational affairs with clients and potential clients. Flat file system in offices are structural data dependent, difficult to access and share. CRM is a best solution against Flat file systems as it makes a place to store lead information for your team. is the CRM software that provides an effective B2B marketing solutions, whether for small-scaled, medium sized, or large-scaled organization. provides you with professional marketing techniques and sales technologies. There is a variety of CRM software that helps Sales and marketing organizations to improve their career by growing their business, even in the coronavirus conditions.
  •Advertising Automation
Advertising automation is an instrument that drives development and makes awesome client understandings. Advertising automation provides you with the solution to build commitments of your leads with your business, and spread awareness about their offers among them. All of these tasks are completely digitalized. There are numerous advertising solutions in the marketplace, you have to select the best solution that is suitable for your business. One of the best solution if offers is Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform. This platform enables both B2B and B2C dealings, results in the remarkable client experiences. Besides Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Salesforce Pardot and Mailchimp are also beneficial.
  •Transaction Intelligence
For better understanding regarding to your sales teams requirements, profile, and significance, Transaction intelligence is an optimized solution. Sharing an important information or data with your Sales group results in many benefits.
    o Optimized lead capability prompts a higher lead capability rate.
    o Enhanced configuration between advertisements and transactions in a more efficient hand-over.
    o In comparison to manual investigation, more optimized data leads to more active marketing time.
    o Lead client excursion perspectives helps recognize requirements and earnestness.
  •Online Visual Communication
All organizations are restricted to cancel their physical conferencing, meet ups, and events due to the coronavirus pandemic. To avoid any kind of business loss, organizations tends to adopt online video conferencing using web-conferencing services. This approach is much better and cheaper as it only requires mobile phone or computer device with an internet connectivity. Video conferencing is useful for Sales and marketing organizations to enhance their business by utilizing an eye-catching visuals for their online advertisements. Online video conferencing is cost effective as it helps reducing travelling cost, and saves time.
By concluding this article, the importance of implementing digital transformation in Sales and Marketing organization has become very clear. Having a strong digital implementation results in the outstanding benefits in the age of coronavirus as well as for future. Covid-19 has restricted organizations to work remotely from home. The most appropriate time to modernize your Sales and marketing business into digital transformation is the ongoing coronavirus condition.

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Paul Nilsen

Paul Nilsen

Paul Nilsen is the director of solution development at Cetrix Cloud Services. He also works with the Solution Development Department at Cetrix Technologies, where he headed the department for three years. Paul has over 20 years of experience in IT, working on software engineering projects, hardware-software product integration, design of special purpose systems using artificial intelligence, and implementing CRM and ERP software systems.

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