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Salesforce sales and marketing alignment in integration scenarios

Saad Murad - Nov 18, 2018 11:09:35 AM

When marketing focuses on maximizing lead generation and sales centers on closing as many deals as they can, your organization suffers. In a study by Hubspot, they discovered “Businesses with effective Sales and Marketing alignment achieved 208% higher marketing revenue than organizations with a disjointed team.” Despite increasing recognition of the importance of aligning your teams, only about half of the companies reported having high marketing alignment last year.

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Defining your Museum through its Global Presence

Stewart Balanchine - Oct 31, 2018 11:03:06 AM

Establishing a global brand is about defining who and what you are as an organization. It is your answer to the question: what is your museum and what does it do?

Topics: Digital Marketing Automation- Digital Transformation Solution- Salesforce for Museums

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Marketing Automation Improves the ROI for Museums

Stewart Balanchine - Oct 31, 2018 9:29:03 AM

As the cultural and education markets grow more competitive, museums must take advantage of everything they can get out of their marketing automation platform. Fortunately, a good marketing automation suite will pay for itself.

Topics: Digital Marketing Automation- Salesforce for NonProfits- Salesforce for Museums

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Automation Helps You Establish a Global Museum Brand

Paul Nilsen - Oct 31, 2018 8:56:58 AM

Developing a global brand will take the concentrated effort of everyone in your organization. It will require research on your current position, the current state of the world, and the opportunities available to you. This research requires data processing on a massive scale.

Topics: Digital Marketing Automation- Salesforce for NonProfits- Salesforce for Museums

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Museum Gallery and Collection Management on the Cloud

Paul Nilsen - Oct 24, 2018 8:36:11 AM

Most museums are aware that ticket sales are the life blood of all museums. Despite this, surprisingly few museums have a way to sell tickets online. Even though online ticket sales now dominate the sales landscape for events such as concerts and theaters, most museums have yet to create their own online ticket sales portals. For instance, in France, 30-50% of museums still expect visitors to purchase tickets at the door (See Secutix). Of course, an online ticket sales portal requires branding. Museums cannot just put up a website and expect visitors to find it. Instead, you must brand and advertise your website so potential visitors can find it in a way that builds a relationship between the museum and each individual visitor. That requires a digital presence that is unique, individualized, and global.

Topics: Digital Marketing Automation

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