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User Activity Monitoring in Salesforce

Saad Murad - Apr 5, 2020 8:30:01 AM

 Abstract: Salesforce generally accommodates the most delicate information of an association, and monitoring who is authorized to access that information to ensure its protection. Before you can...

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How to implement Einstein Emotion Analysis in Salesforce

Saad Murad - Apr 5, 2020 7:56:07 AM

AbstractEmotion recognition is a process of detecting or identifying human emotion, most commonly from facial expressions as well as from expressions. Machine learning and artificial intelligence...

Topics: Implement Einstein Emotion Analisis

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How CRM helps organizations with Digital Transformation

Paul Nilsen - Apr 5, 2020 5:52:47 AM

AbstractDigital transformation is driving organizations to upgrade their business models and familiarize themselves with the new market reality. Those organizations who are struggling hard to...

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How to Report on Conversational Marketing in Salesforce

Stewart Balanchine - Apr 1, 2020 11:55:24 AM

Abstract:  Conversational Marketing is a recent, modern way of marketing. It is a feedback-oriented methodology to selling used by many organizations to drive client engagement, develop client...

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Investing in digital Transformation in the age of Covid-19

Paul Nilsen - Mar 27, 2020 7:38:23 AM

Abstract: The Ongoing Coronavirus pandemic is growing rapidly day by day. It has infected and killed more than thousands of people in many nations. As the sudden and rapid growth of the viral...

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