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Appropriate Integration Strategies for Higher Education Institutions

Paul Nilsen - Jan 26, 2018 5:13:46 PM


Higher education institutions have special information technology needs. Their networks, data, and applications must be equally accessible to both their staff, faculty, and students, but with different permissions and front ends. This makes maintaining and updating systems and application difficult and time-consuming. You also must make sure that your applications do not go offline for long. Students and faculty need access to their files with little downtime and no errors. Fortunately, there are three ways to do this. Your institution's enterprise application integration (EAI) strategy will depend on your needs and requirements. 

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How to Personalize Learning in Higher Education

Mark Khabosha - May 7, 2017 5:52:53 PM

Moves to personalize learning in higher education

The quality of a higher education institution is measured by the success of its students. Many institutions are now embracing the fact that every student is different and in order to give the maximum chance for each student to reach their very best, there is a need to personalize the learning experience. To reach this goal, traditional methods of delivering educational services should be supplemented according to each student’s personal needs. The use of CRM to personalize learning is the most innovative solution to date. Any higher education institution can easily implement a CRM system for an improved student learning experience.

Topics: Salesforce in higher education

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How CRM in Higher Education Facilitates Cross-Campus Collaboration

Paul Nilsen - Apr 17, 2017 10:51:58 AM

CRM helps Facilitate Collaboration on Campus

It is a well established fact that collaboration yields better productivity and promotes innovative ideas. Every higher education institution strives to build a connected community of students so that collaboration may be developed even across specialties.

Some institutions are even promoting cross-campus collaboration to improve student life and the reputations of the institutions concerned. The continued rise of cloud technology such as Salesforce's CRM helps facilitate collaboration across campus by allowing high quality and convenient communication amongst students and university staff. A recent study revealed that "74% of the customers use Salesforce as part of their core strategy”. 

Topics: Salesforce in higher education

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How Can University Administrators Benefit from CRM for Higher Education?

Mark Khabosha - Apr 6, 2017 11:39:31 AM

CRM for higher education

Higher education institutions are made up of intertwined networks that need to be maintained for recruitment, admissions and financial purposes. The students’ network is probably the largest at any given university or college, but this does not mean the lecturing staff, administration and alumni are not equally as important. Therefore, for complete academic and administrative success, there is a need for a high level of visibility and strong communication across the institution. The use of CRM for higher education has proved to be the ultimate solution to gain visibility and improve communications throughout university structures. An added benefit of CRM is that most of its software can be accessed on a smartphone or a tablet, which are used by almost 48% of the total users.

Topics: Salesforce in higher education

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Get the Best of Salesforce In Education

Mark Khabosha - Mar 15, 2017 7:30:00 AM

What is the role of Salesforce in Education?

You have probably heard of Salesforce: the second most-searched employer on LinkedIn and one of the top eight companies to work for according to FORTUNE. This reputation has been earned through changing the employer-employee dynamic by emphasizing the positive as well as fostering a culture saturated in mutual-respect. Let’s look into how this fundamental change in thinking with a willingness to upset traditional procedural modes has translated into impactful gains for the education sector.

Topics: Salesforce in higher education

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