An Advanced and Secure Online Payment System that polishes the Nonprofit Organization’s Handling of Transactions

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Harvest India works to meet the practical needs of those who are sick, outcast, and destitute. This organization also provides orphan care and education to India's youth. Harvest India is based in the South eastern state of Andhra Pradesh in a bustling city, and actively partners with donors to make their visions come true. Because this organization actively seeks and accepts payments, a user-friendly simplistic online payment system was necessary. After analyzing its own payment systems and interactions with donors, this organization realized it was not equipped with the commerce tools it needed to reach its full potential. They lacked the ability to receive payments online in a manner that would aid donors in feeling secure and confident in their donations.

This organization assists those living in India in the following ways:

  • Provide loving homes to thousands of children.
  • Create access to high-quality education and opportunities.
  • Spread religious faith and love throughout many programs.

In order to receive funding to make these visions reality, a durable online payment system was necessary.

Harvest India was eager to implement a sufficient online payment system to aid donors. Cetrix successfully utilized Salesforce to create an individualized payment system that also records and stores all transactional data. Using Salesforce, this organization also minimized the navigation required for generated tax exempt letters, making the donation experience completely seamless and quick. With Cetrix’s help, this organization used Salesforce to increase financial efficiency so that it could redirect its focus on actively engaging with those in need.

Cetrix provided Harvest India with:

  • An advanced and secure online payment system that polished this organization’s handling of transactions.
  • Sustainable tools within the NPSP that generate tax exempt letters for all donors with minimal navigation required.
  • A well-developed method of organization for all related data and databases to ensure optimal coordination of all e-commerce relations.

Salesforce enabled Harvest India to eliminate inefficiency, redundancy, and confusion with regards to its payment processes. Because funding allows this organization to help in the ways it does, a clear and concise mechanism for accepting donations was crucial. Cetrix used Salesforce to give Harvest India a sustainable, easy-to-use online payment system. Furthermore, the implementation of Salesforce substantially reduced the navigation requirements for donors to receive tax-exempt letters, making the entire process much more efficient.

Salesforce improved this organization’s transaction process in the following ways:

  • Salesforce assisted Harvest India in integrating a refined online payment system to maximize user-friendliness and ease all transaction processes.
  • A personalized, innovative, and AI-powered commerce solution accommodated for non-profits created a new channel to engage donors across all digital channels, creating a seamless transaction experience.
  • Advanced navigational tools simplified the process of creating new tax exempt letters for all donors through the implementation of a point-and-click system.


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Cetrix implemented Salesforce to create a comprehensive online payment system that is secure, straightforward, and efficient.

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Cetrix utilized Salesforce’s unique platform to reduce the navigation required to receive tax exempt letter down to a few clicks.

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Cetrix overall improved the financial organization of Harvest India, allowing this organization to focus on what matters, rather than meticulous details

harvest india

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