CRM Integration in Finance

How to integrate a Financial Services Cloud Solution into your banking / insurance business

Cetrix Financial Services Solution

Cetrix Financial Services Solution

Salesforce Financial Cloud Overview

Salesforce Financial Cloud Overview

How to Integrate a Cloud based CRM Finance Solution

With the current advancements in financial cloud solutions, there are plenty of ways for your company to integrate your CRM system to coordinate your clients’ accounts across your organization.

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Implementing a CRM System to Keep Your Bank or Brokerage Competitive

If your business already operates with a CRM, then you may be a step ahead of those that have not yet started using one. Whether your company is new to a CRM or has already adjusted to using one, you need to determine how to integrate your CRM with your digital channels for maximum benefit.

Integration of your CRM system begins with customizing all the dashboards that your CRM offers. The Salesforce CRM system allows each department to create their own dashboards to maximize the information available to them. Once you’ve created dashboards for organizing your clients’ information, you are ready to utilize the system to help improve your sales and increase leads.


Solving the Integration Dilemma with Salesforce

Your company will greatly benefit from integrating your CRM with your website, marketing automation software and back office systems. Valuable client information, captured manually as well as automatically, along with advanced analytics and predictive insights will be accessible across your organization via the cloud.

To succeed at this integration, you will need to address the following:

  • Ensure that the information is fully protected
  • Properly govern all your client information

Oftentimes, firms are reluctant to make the switch to a solid CRM like Salesforce because the work involved in integrating can seem overwhelming. The rewards are however incredibly extensive, as Financial Cloud integration will help you optimize your clients’ banking experiences, increase their customer retention, new customer conversion and overall sales success.


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  1. A Good Finance CRM Strategy Starts and Ends with the Customer
  2. Wealth Managers CRM: 4 Benefits for Wealth Management Companies

Not only is a well-created and effective CRM imperative in the banking industry, but also in the insurance industry, where industry leaders claim that they must be remain technologically current to be competitive in their markets. This can be achieved through the implementation of a CRM like Salesforce.

In the insurance industry, a CRM that helps you determine your clients’ needs and spending habits allows you to better connect with your clients, moving from a transactional relationship to an ongoing role as a trusted expert advisor.  A system like this will enable you to improve your customer loyalty so you not only land new clients, but also hang on to their business more easily.



Salesforce Financial Cloud Overview

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