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Solutions Architect for Financial Cloud CRM Restructure + Optimization

Cetrix Financial Services Solution

Cetrix Financial Services Solution

Salesforce Financial Cloud Overview

Salesforce Financial Cloud Overview

Extend Your Salesforce Functionality & Optimize Architecture 

Whether you are looking at enterprise-wide implementation of a new system or planning upgrades to your existing system, the process required can be an overwhelming prospect.

When making significant investments it’s important to make sure you have the right systems, architecture, and tools available to support your core business and are in alignment with your overall goals.

Supporting Your Core Business

Trends in retail banking show core drivers of customer satisfaction as trustworthiness, employee competence, excellence in customer services and ease of doing business. Customizing and optimizing a new Salesforce implementation or existing system requires the right architecture for optimum outcomes, ensuring seamless integration with back-end systems, smooth implementation and adoption across your organization.


Change Doesn’t Need to Be Disruptive

Successful change is driven from the top down, ensuring that the right people are engaged and through ensuring that changes to systems, architecture and processes are implemented in a way that suits the business tempo. From an employee and client adoption viewpoint the result should always be:

  • A system that is easy to use
  • A system that is understandable without a lot of technical support

Your customers are looking to connect with you. A customized and optimized solution will help you do this on a personalized basis by helping you build trustworthiness underpinned by employee competence.


A Finance-specific Vertical Solution

With your needs in the forefront of our mind, Cetrix has developed an industry specific solution to extend Sales Cloud functionality utilizing Salesforce architecture services to support banking sales functionality will keep your sales team and customer service teams connected to your clients in new ways. 

Table Of Contents

  1. Strategies to Improve Sales for your Financial Institution
  2. 3 Competitive Advantages of Salesforce for Financial Services
  3. CRM Retail Banking Trends for Customer Satisfaction

The Next Step

If you are considering an enterprise-wide Salesforce deployment or need to hire an architect for help to build or extend Financial Service Cloud or Sales Cloud functionality contact Cetrix for a no obligation consultation.



Salesforce Financial Cloud Overview



Download 3 Core Advantages of Financial Services Cloud

Have a relationship with your clients that is deeper than numbers. Meet the needs of connected clients who demand anytime/anywhere service.

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FIg 1, The Benefitsof Digital Process Automation (1)

Digital Process Automation

Giving the enterprise the power to adapt to change beyond customer expectations

What Competitive Advantage Do the Financial Services Gain by Using Salesforce CRM

HubSpot – Salesforce Integration

As businesses rely more on data-centric tools to stream line their sales and marketing, HubSpot and Salesforce integration will help you achieve the next level of consumer experience as well.

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Contact us to talk about our next-gen tools for financial services, Including the Financial Services Cloud. We'll help you set up a stratergy to start connecting with clients like never before.

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