SimCorp uses personal engagement through Pardot to build its brand and create more sales opportunities.

The Challenge
The Solution
The Result

SimCorp Dimension®, a scalable integrated investment management solution, manages $19-trillion of assets globally. Lack of integration between SimCorp’s own CMS, email and social channels was however making the achievement of strong brand awareness difficult.

SimCorp’s marketing team needed to reach the right people with the right digital content and the right time to build the trusted reputation required to support sales growth.

With no idea of how potential customers were engaging with the brand their website and email content was based on outbound principals rather than being led by customer interests.

In response to these challenges SimCorp introduced Pardot, a marketing automation solution from Salesforce.

The company was already using Sales Cloud which meant a seamless integration with great functionality.

With Pardot, form completion, whitepaper downloads and event registrations become sales leads which are sent a personalized triggered email.

A personalized approach, incorporating dynamic content relating to interests, roles and location, is used for communicating with active prospects rather than the ‘one size fits all’ regular newsletter SimCorp’s marketing team used to send.

This resulted in more opportunities and better lead development for SimCorp, helping it to achieve its business growth goals. The company can now:

  • Be more proactive and personal
  • Nurture more prospects and pursue more sales
  • Target and engage with people who want to hear from them
  • Send relevant messages which has increased their click through rates
  • Generate more digital leads
  • Make more informed decisions about prospective customers

Integration with Sales Cloud means improved partnership between marketing and sales in creating and meeting demand:

  • Only the strongest leads are followed up by sales
  • Sales can accept/reject automated email prompts for qualified prospects
  • Sales can contact strong leads with information required to have a relevant conversation
  • Leads that need more nurturing are sent back to marketing for further development

A more personalized approach using Pardot has given SimCorp’s business and brand the boost they needed to increase sales opportunities online. 

The company is now looking at progressive profiling for its online forms and social media as part of its ongoing commitment to personalization



Using Pardot for its online form completions, registrations and whitepaper downloads SimCorp increased digital sales leads.


A personalized approach, incorporating dynamic content relating to interests, roles and location is used to nurture leads and increase click through rates.


Reaching the right people with the right message at the right time has enabled SimCorp to build its brand and increase sales.


Take the Next Step

What then, is the solution for achieving our integrated B2B sales and marketing goals?

Salesforce Sales and Marketing Integration Roadmap.

Thousands of companies in the US alone have subscribed to the services of Salesforce and a marketing platform. Perhaps they have even begun to integrate the two using an “out-of-the-box” integration solution. Unfortunately, current solutions only “map and sync” data between the two platforms. This alone won’t suffice-- an expert level approach is often now necessary to ensure proper implementation every step of the way.

We must define and develop a methodology that provides an infrastructure to streamline both platforms to their full capacity. As such, teams can focus on the most important goal-- identifying the best opportunities that lead to conversion to revenue. As such, an enhanced roadmap would allow marketing teams to more comprehensively partner with sales teams, so that sales may improve on to maximize growth.

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