Pardot has enabled Stanley Black & Decker to increase its market share as a solutions-provider by improving its customer understanding.

The Challenge
The Solution
The Result

Stanley Black & Decker is a tool manufacturer, retailer and franchiser and a provider of highly-engineered solutions, storage and security.

The biggest challenge facing the 11-billion-dollar company in engaging with its end users was its inability to access the data needed to power its brand strategy.

Stanley Black & Decker needed to be able to have a single view of its sales and marketing assets to understand its customers better and engage with them across the buying cycle in a way that would support its positioning as a solutions-based provider.

Moving to Pardot by Salesforce provided Stanley Black & Decker with the 360-degree view of its sales, marketing and customer services it needed.

Stanley Black & Decker used Pardot to streamline sales and marketing processes by:

  • Collecting information about end users through the purchasing cycle
  • Generating personalized landing pages to move users into the buying cycle more quickly
  • Presenting prospects and customers with targeted messages to create demand at every stage
  • Giving the sales team visibility into the customer’s behaviour to support their conversations
  • Segmenting and filtering data to individually target users rather than using a batch email approach

Pardot enabled Stanley Black & Decker to:

  • Blur the lines between marketing and sales in creating and fulfilling demand
  • Improve understanding of individual customer behaviour and purchasing patterns 
  • Provide targeted lists and make better informed decisions
  • Personalize its conversations
  • Equip its sales team to know where to enter the conversation
  • Increase sales effectiveness by sending customer-focused content to prospects

Sales and marketing staff can focus on delivering the right message to the right customer at the right time, continuing to do that until the deal is closed.

Since implementing Pardot across their business Stanley Black & Decker has experienced:

  • An increase in market share
  • 30% reduction in the length of its industrial storage sales cycle within the first year
  • 25% reduction in the second year
  • Improved follow-up by identifying the 34% of qualified leads on their database
Pardot has given Stanley Black & Decker the ability to be more effective while putting the customer first.



Stanley Black & Decker used Pardot to move users into the buying cycle more quickly and present them with targeted, personalized content.


Sales and marketing staff can focus on delivering the right message to the right customer at the right time, continuing to do that until the deal is closed.


Since implementing Pardot, Stanley Black & Decker has increased its market share and reduced its industrial storage sales cycle.


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What then, is the solution for achieving our integrated B2B sales and marketing goals?

Salesforce Sales and Marketing Integration Roadmap.

Thousands of companies in the US alone have subscribed to the services of Salesforce and a marketing platform. Perhaps they have even begun to integrate the two using an “out-of-the-box” integration solution. Unfortunately, current solutions only “map and sync” data between the two platforms. This alone won’t suffice-- an expert level approach is often now necessary to ensure proper implementation every step of the way.

We must define and develop a methodology that provides an infrastructure to streamline both platforms to their full capacity. As such, teams can focus on the most important goal-- identifying the best opportunities that lead to conversion to revenue. As such, an enhanced roadmap would allow marketing teams to more comprehensively partner with sales teams, so that sales may improve on to maximize growth.

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