CRM Management to Increase Sales

If you are looking to add clientele or simply retain the clients you already have, system improvements within your CRM can help you achieve this goal.


CRM Integration in Your Finance Business

Integrating a Financial Services Cloud Solution into your business can seem a daunting task. Learn more about banking and insurance financial planning integration.


Sales Process Automation In Finance

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Financial Sales Cloud Optimization Solutions

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A Powerful Tool for Advisors

With the Salesforce Financial Services Cloud Assistant, advisors can stay on top of their most critical tasks throughout the day. It aggregates information from multiple systems and creates comprehensive to-do lists, including proactive alerts for leads and tasks.

Administrative tasks are automated, giving advisors more time to focus on their book of business. They can check information on client accounts, such as gains and losses, and review relevant market insights.

A single, integrated platform and central data storage means advisors can access their client data instantly and from anywhere, in the office or on the go. This increases productivity and lowers the time they spend on administrative tasks.

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud also enables advisors to deliver personalized advice anytime their client needs it. This nurtures customer loyalty, and keeps advisor’s book of business solid and growing.

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Connect With Clients in a Whole New Way


By creating and distributing meaningful and relevant content, financial services firms can use marketing automation to personalize communication, scale outreach, align sales and marketing efforts, and much more.

Inbound marketing automation integrated with CRM presents a single platform that bridges the gap between sales and marketing. Campaigns no longer have to be product driven that are disconnected from what customers want and need.

A solution that integrates inbound marketing platforms like HubSpot and Pardot with Salesforce CRM are instrumental in integrating sales and marketing remarkable ways. Such a platform helps banks and financial services firms adapt to changing buyer demands in totally new ways.

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Financial sector produces the largest amount of data in the world. Huge volumes of transactions, monitoring and analysis are produced and stored every second by banks and other financial institutions. This makes use of high performance big data analytics inevitable for firms in this sector.

IBM and Google are the leading analytics platform for financial big data analytics. Both platforms are use leading-edge artificial intelligence algorithms in order to easily and efficiently handle financial big data and extract valuable insight. When integrated with Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, there is nothing more a bank or financial services firm could want to reach its business goals.

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