Statistics suggest that as much as 98% of B2B marketing will not result in any type of closed business. Improving lead prospecting is vital to the success of your business.

Before the advent of the internet, marketing strategy centered around sending mass mailers and making cold calls to companies. Today, statistics reveal that direct mailing has a success rate of 3 to 5% and cold calling isn’t much more effective. The Direct Marketing Association suggests that cold calling customers has around a 6% response rate. To quote an adage, companies that were mass marketing to everyone, resulted in marketing to no one.

Today’s leading marketers have come a long way from mailers and cold calls and use predictive prospecting to forecast who their prospects are, discover how they’re coming to them, and then determine where they want to go. Cetrix can help you find the right prospects, have more quality conversations, and determine which customers to contact based on the likelihood of success utilizing our integrated solution and predictive prospecting model.

Customers demand that companies they do business with know as much about them, their preferences, and needs as possible. Let Cetrix help you better respond with our predictive prospecting tools to source new leads and improve existing customer relationships.

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