Salesforce Sales and Marketing Alignment in Integration Scenarios


How to Guarantee Revenue Growth in Salesforce integrated environment? 

When Marketing focuses on maximizing lead generation Sales centers on closing as many deals as they can, your organization suffers. In a study by  HubSpot, they discovered “Businesses with effective  Sales and Marketing alignment achieved 208%  higher marketing revenue than organizations with  a disjointed team.”

As Jill Rowley of Salesforce illuminates, “The key to  successful sales and marketing alignment is aligning  to, for, with, and around the customer.” When your team only has a fraction of the picture from poor application integration architecture, your customer experience, and your revenue, suffer. 

When there is marketing and sales alignment, the right deals can be closed, and often in less time. This can make a significant impact on the business.

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  • What is sales and marketing misalignment in salesforce integrated technology stack?
  • Aligning sales & marketing teams in Salesforce integrated environment
  • Understand your organization - recognize formal definitions
  • How to structure your organization to promote alignment
  • Define your lead scoring system and how to systematize the process
  • Implementing an integrated solution and automating your workflow
  • Process optimization and encouraging inter-departmental activities

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