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The business world is undergoing a revolution. With the proliferation of technology across our lives and work, industries around the world are realising that the tried and trusted methods that have kept them moving forward might no longer suffice. Consumers today are connected, informed, and unprecedentedly technologically savvy, and as a result, the companies they deal with are expected to be the same.

Digital transformation — the process by which organizations modernize themselves to incorporate new digital technologies throughout their entire business — is becoming necessary to survive. It has become a part of today’s business processes and operations. Beyond this, digital transformation leads to major changes on how a business operates and delivers value to its customers, as technology achievements integrate into current processes.

Today’s business market is extremely competitive, so therefore, it is of the upmost importance to take advantage of all that a powerful marketing automation platform can offer. By boosting both B2B sales and ROI, your business can become an industry leader in no time.

The optimized Pardot, B2B Marketing automation by Salesforce, is an affordable option to achieve your highest ROI. Pardot allows marketing and sales departments to create, implement, and manage profile-based campaigns on their prospective leads from one central platform. This central platform offers a low-cost option of marketing automation integration that can also help you reach your desired sales goals.

Pardot is able to provide a full offering of tools that can assist your marketing team in creating more meaningful and long-standing relationships with the clients. This means that more deals will be made and the possibilities for repeat sales will increase.  

Different Ways Pardot Automation Can Optimize ROI

  • Make use of the automated tools that can help establish quality leads and track their behavior
  • Create a powerful landing page showcasing content while also capturing the necessary contact information needed to follow through with potential leads
  • Create specialized emails that fully promote your content to existing clients and potential leads
  • Schedule social media updates that can advertise your content
  • Utilize tools to prioritize contacts based on the criteria that is most important to you
  • Track the engagement of existing clients and potential leads
  • Make the best possible use of the email workflows, such as email marketing
  • Utilize the platform to provide the highest level of support to sales
  • Create powerful, multi-faceted campaigns
  • Trigger campaign activity off of the CRM data
  • Test all areas of the program to gain a better understanding of the clients and leads overall experience

Many businesses today have benefited from Pardot with their personalized marketing. You can have a sales team equipped with all of the necessary tools to make your business an innovator in the industry while also optimizing ROI.

For example, Salesforce Pardot can help your business with ROI reporting. This can be done by connecting pre-existing leads to previous marketing efforts, connecting marketing efforts to your specific sales data, and through analysis of the success of previous campaign efforts by both channel and initiative.

Another example, Salesforce Pardot has a number of online tools that work together to decrease the amount of manual entry a great deal. This leaves more time for the sales team to work on the clients and leads along with closing a larger number of deals and creating repeat customers.

ROI Reporting

Measure and track campaign performance, and gain insights based on your data.

  • Tie closed leads back to marketing efforts
  • Synchronize your marketing efforts to your sales data
  • Analyze campaign success by channel and initiative


Lifecycle Reporting

Understand how customers move through their lifecycle stages and buyer journey from click to close.

  • Gain a snapshot view of the health of your funnel
  • Adapt marketing efforts to close deals more quickly
  • Identify where opportunities are getting stuck and how you can fix them


Advanced Email Reporting

Understand how prospects and customers are engaging with you Email content.

  • See how your email looks across multiple devices
  • Basic metrics like clicks, opens, and more are always available
  • Visual engagement reporting reveals what captures attention


Connect Your Favorite Tools

Gain a cohesive view of how all of your channels work together to generate leads and accelerate pipeline.

  • Tie programs like webinars and live events to revenue
  • See how each customer interacts with you across channels
  • Instantly analyze the true value of your Google AdWords campaigns

Sales and Marketing Processes that Every Business Should Integrate

The need for automation in business is at an all-time high, especially in the area of sales and marketing. There are several things that can be done with the Salesforce and Pardot marketing automation platform that would benefit your sales processes.

  • Utilize the tools that work best to deliver the correct content to the sales team at the right time.
  • Give the clients and leads easy access to the most relevant content needed to quickly close deals and create repeat customers. This could be related to products, services, locations, and persona.
  • Make it easier for clients and leads to reach the sales team members after reviewing content of interest. This could be simply directing them to the mosqualified sales team member after looking at an online ad or an upcoming promotion.
  • With B2B sales, it is important to provide business specific slide presentations.
  • Help the sales team work more efficiently by tracking prospect data, such as the client’s buying history, past communication, referral sources, and social media feeds.

Benefits of Automating Business Processes  

  • Create semi-personalized email templates that can significantly cut down on time spent on emails in your day to day operations.
  • Make use of the automation along with your CRM to reach your leads faster. This can help your sales reps reach over forty percent more leads per day.
  • Create a prioritized list of leads so that the sales team knows exactly which leads to address first and foremost. With the Salesforce and Pardot plan, these leads can be prioritized by the lead score.
  • Take notes that are client or lead specific. This means you can go directly to a lead and reviews notes that were previously recorded to get caught up-to-date on the status of the conversations.
  • Set up an appointment schedule which makes it easier for the sales team to track appointment times and less room for missed opportunities with new leads or existing clients.
  • Create different lists that can help the sales team work with the most promising leads first.
  • Create follow-up tasks, which is extremely important with B2B sales because many calls will require follow-up tasks. Without this platform, tasks often have a tendency of getting misplaced. This is very bad for business, as we all know!

Benefits of Pardot Implementation

In recent years, 80 percent of marketing automation users reported generating more leads. The B2B Marketing Automation platform, Pardot, by Salesforce provides a low-cost option for implementing a basis to create stronger and more efficient marketing strategies. Pardot implementation includes a full suite of tools that give the sale and marketing team the ability to create more meaningful connections, develop a pipeline for the business, and give the sales team more power and opportunities to close deals.

Once Pardot is implemented, your business will have the ability to:

  • Test offering and website pages for inefficiencies and make the necessary changes
  • Create email marketing that will draw in more leads
  • Gain additional accessibility to those leads
  • Improve the performance and increasing the capabilities of the sales cycle

How Integrated Sales Automation can Increase Sales

 An integrated sales automation platform is not an instantaneous solution to your B2B sales and ROI, but rather a long-term marketing strategy to ongoing growth in your business. Over an extended period of time, with a strong marketing automation platform, such as Pardot, the increase in sales and ROI should continue to grow into something unbelievable. This could even make you an innovator in your given industry.

This platform works on creating strong and personalized campaigns. The performance of these campaigns can also be measured to make any changes needed for improvement of future campaigns. After all, strong campaigns create strong leads.

So Who Really Needs Integrated Sales Automation

The majority of business owners today have taken a time out to think about the efficiency of their business. Businesses that are already in a position to handle incoming sales leads would benefit from the process and infrastructure benefits that marketing automation provides long-term. This automation helps to maximize time. Time that is spent on tasks that take away from more valuable tasks needed to grow your business.

If your business has a pretty strong idea of who your target audience is and what they are looking for, the Pardot, B2B Marketing Automation, can be a highly beneficial means of taking your business to the next level. A Pardot consultant can help you maximize your B2B sales pipeline with integrated sales and marketing automation implementation.

You can ultimately perfect the experiences of your clients, personalize and create segmentation in your market, and identify any areas needing improvement within the sales and marketing department. All of this can be accomplished while also gaining a better understanding of ROI and physically seeing the rewards of your hard work in action.

Reasons to Implement Pardot

The Salesforce Pardot automation provides an affordable foundation for better marketing strategies. Pardot implementation provides a full suite of tools that help marketers create meaningful connections, generate more of a pipeline, and empower sales to close more deals.

  • Stronger Email Marketing
  • Ability to test the website pages and offers
  • Gain more accessibility to leads
  • Nurture your leads
  • Improve overall performance

How Pardot can Increase Sales

The right integrated sales and marketing software, such as Salesforce Pardot, can help increase sales in a number of different ways:

  • Increasing the number of leads
  • Creating stronger relationships with clients, on their terms
  • Building stronger and more personalized campaigns
  • Measuring the performance of those campaigns
  • Capturing the core marketing ROI
  • Increasing the capabilities of your sales cycle

Ways to Increase ROI with Pardot integrated marketing software

When looking to increase your performance and maximize the ROI, there is a strong need for exactly the right marketing technology. Salesforce Pardot marketing automation can help you reach your goals. This automation has the ability to increase the overall value and impact of your content as well improve the conversion rates associated with leads, increase customer satisfaction, and build repeat purchasing with clients. Pardot is considered a great starting point when looking to evaluate potential partners that can help improve your marketing ROI.

  • Increasing the number of leads
  • Creating stronger relationships with clients, on their terms
  • Building stronger and more personalized campaigns
  • Measuring the performance of those campaigns
  • Capturing the core marketing ROI
  • Increasing the capabilities of your sales cycle


Steps that can be taken to Improve ROI through Pardot Implementation 

  1. Establish a scoring system. As a B2B marketer, it is important to track information related to your clients, such as their job title, industry, budget, revenues, and employee size. You can also track the time spent on your website and the amount of content downloaded.
  2. Create a landing page and consider using A/B testing for the page.
  3. Promote your content through the development of emails tailored at increasing sales.
  4. Utilize social media to share across multiple networks.
  5. Retain contact information, activate email workflows, and utilize these workflows to track the interactions with your contacts to see what leads to follow first.
  6. Provide a high level of support to your sales team.
  7. Utilize the software to provide value, strong content, support, and feedback.

When it comes to boosting B2B sales and ROI with affordable marketing automation, your business can gain the capability to reach its full performance potential in any given market with Salesforce Pardot.

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