Cetrix B2B eCommerce Platform for Retail

Ecommerce Solution

Grow faster with the best breed B2B ecommerce platform completely built around your customers.

Grow faster with a customer-centric B2B ecommerce website

Take your business to the next level these  Cetrix Smart Selling B2B eCommerce featrures

Boost Acquisition by Omni-channel

What’s the most efficient and cost effective way to attract new customers? Cetrix gives you the ability to determine which acquisition channels are the most effective or the most profitable.

Data Driven Selling

Customers are constantly bombarded with advertisements and sales pitches. They see them on social media, billboards, and every website they visit. That means it takes a lot more for an advertisement to not only catch their attentionbut also lead to conversion. This is where data can make the difference.

Reduce Cart Abandonment

Looking to increase profitability through improved customer retention? Our solution gives ecommerce and retailers the power to identify and target at-risk customers or abandoned carts their online cart or walk out of your store

Expand Cross-Sell / Upsell

Our smart segmentation helps you identify the best targets, timing, offers, andchannels to increase sales.

Develop relationship while growing revenue with a completely digital customer B2B eCommerce strategy

Develop B2B eCommerce sites with Better Digital Experiences

Convert more long-term buyers with a seamless B2B eCommerce marketplace platform. Make your existing customers' purchase decisions easier through the following B2C marketing strategies.

Optimize the conversion funnel.

Reduce abandoned carts with proven B2B and B2C best practices, including saved carts, optimized checkout flows, and payment accelerators. Guide your customers with an easily navigable sales process.

Leverage social extensions

Extend your reach through merging B2B eCommerce trends including social channels and online communities, such as Instagram and Facebook. Draw in customers through easily shareable versions of your product pages.

Go mobile

Master B2B business mobile commerce with a full suite of mobile-first capabilities, including responsive design, data-driven mobile UX, and one-touch payment.
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Empower customer service teams.

Enable your service agents to accelerate and check out over-the-phone orders on behalf of existing customers. Process B2B transactions through real-time access to online storefronts, inventory management, and order history. Build personalized experiences that scale.
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Personalize B2B eCommerce with Artificial Intelligence

Harness the power of AI in your B2B and B2C marketing campaigns— no data scientist required. Get more long-term return sales from your existing customers.

Build B2B and B2C eCommerce experiences quickly.

Interpret existing customer purchasing behavior and optimize your product bundles, sets, and deals with Einstein commerce Insights, an AI-powered shopping basket analysis dashboard.
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Create consistent B2B business experiences anywhere.

Cultivate your existing customers. Understand how and when to guide them through your online store wherever they are in their journey. Maximize their purchasing decisions in your favor through valuable B2C marketing strategies
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Your B2B eCommerce Customers Expect More

Today, B2B business customers expect resolutions in minutes and personalized, 24/7 service through various channels. But most customer service reps get overwhelmed trying to meet these growing demands because they lack the proper tools and consistent data sources.
Service Hub brings all your customer service data and channels together on one CRM platform. This way you can efficiently onboard, support, retain, and grow your customer base. The result? More delighted customers at every stage of their journey.

Help Desk & Ticketing

Spend less time on data entry, and more time helping B2B business customers succeed. Our eCommerce platform lets you add routing to tickets that prioritizes critical issues first.

Knowledge Base

Help customers help themselves and reduce your number of support requests. Our platform can convert frequently asked questions into a searchable library of help articles, videos, and documentation.

Live Chat

Guide your customers through your website and online store in real time. Automatically route users to the right services team members. Build better relationships through contextual conversations. Improve overall customer experience.
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CRM is an Integral Part of B2B Customer Life Cycle Management

Support your customer along their journey through your sales funnel across all major functions and channels. With Cetrix, you have the life cycle management tools to maximize your commerce, marketing, sales, customer service, social channels, and other B2B transactions. 

By connecting the CRM with other cloud solutions, we can empower the entire customer lifecycle — from awareness and acquisition, to purchase and fulfillment, to advocacy and retention.


Put customer data at your fingertips.

Arm your sales team with mobile access to all customer data. Our eCommerce platform provides full purchase history, the status of outstanding orders and service issues, and notes from other teams — all in one single view.

Build a smarter B2B business sales team

Give your sales team access to the data, analytics, and smart insights they need to craft more personalized, insightful solutions for your customers. Our platform lets them interact with customers through any channel, marketplace, or device.

Control Your B2B eCommerce Marketing Strategies and Merchandising

Empower your B2B business marketers and merchandisers with efficient commerce apps. The following features will enhance any marketing campaign or channel.


Build B2B eCommerce Sites quickly.

Our platform Page Designer lets you quickly design, schedule, and publish pages. Easily make pages through a drag-and-drop interface and powerful reusable components — no
coding required!

Launch marketing campaigns faster.

Our ecommerce platform enables long-term B2B business relationships through an easy-to-use interface. Build and launch innovative marketing campaigns, promotions, and A/B testing based on consumer behavior, channel, and location — all without technical support. 

Personalize merchandising

Attract more shoppers, build customer loyalty, and increase conversion rates. Our platform lets you create dynamic customer segments, personalized landing pages, merchandising rules, and AI-powered recommendations.

Unify products, pricing, and catalogs

Simplify merchandising with a centralized view of products and pricing across multiple sites, multiple languages, and multiple currencies. Your customers can seamlessly access the information through all channels and devices

Accelerate revenue across channels with a connected, trusted B2B eCommerce platform.





OMNICHANNEL MARKETING for E-commerce and Retailers

Smart Selling in Ecommerce and online retail


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