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Expertise in Sales Cloud integration and pipeline management automation for sales enablement.

Free Your Sales Team to Spend More Time Closing Deals

To have a successful business, it is best to start with the basics of your operation and how you generate and convert high quality leads into profitable customers. It means giving your sales team the tools they need to be as productive as possible. 

One of the most valuable tools for enabling your sales advisors is the use of a highly-developed CRM that provides opportunities for automating sales processes and managing your pipeline. This will make finding clients and keeping them easier across your organization.

At the same time, by automating repetitive tasks and decreasing time spent on administration, sales workflow automation frees up large chunks of time that the sales team can use to focus on what they do best: closing sales. 

Sales Automation for Sales Enablement  

Sales automation can be used to find, score, allocate and nurture leads. CRMs like Salesforce, for instance, have endless tools and options making them valuable and accessible for anyone on your team. Salesforce helps your sales team do the following before even connecting with a client:

  • Determine which clients might be interested in your service
  • Predictive lead scoring identifies the most profitable potential leads to target
  • Identify spending habits
  • Identify the best times to contact a client for maximum opportunity at a sale or fulfillment of a lead
  • Put your company ahead of your competitors by comparing yourselves to other teams in your market
  • Identify up-sell and cross-sell opportunities automatically

Once your team has connected with the best potential and existing clients, automation will help your sales team give each what they need and deliver it in a personalized manner to maximize satisfaction. 

A CRM will deliver competitive advantages that your sales advisors may not have had before. Additionally, your clients’ information will be placed in the cloud which will allow it to be integrated with websites and partner institutions for seamless coordination between organizations.

By implementing all of the automation tools at your sales team’s disposal through your CRM, you will:

  • Maximize your pipeline
  • Reduce the need for manual entry
  • Leverage mobile and social channels
  • Enable your sales team with everything they need, including client and market intelligence, to close sales faster regardless of where they are.

Use the Experts to Make Your Sales Team More Effective

Salesforce comes with extensive functionality online tools (including call scheduling, script delivery, advanced analytics, mobile access) to help your team find client information, effectively analyze it, and put this information into practice when developing leads and closing deals.

With a range of flexible Sales Cloud Integration plans Cetrix will connect your firm to our team of dedicated support staff that will help you implement, customize, run and extend your system, automating sales processes to maximize selling and impact your bottom line.

Discover Cetrix Cloud Services

Discover Cetrix Cloud Services for CRM Integration

Salesforce Platform

We adapt the World’s No. 1 CRM to your processes to help you increase financial sales efficiency towards your strategic goals.



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Cetrix was exactly what we needed ...

As a new Salesforce customer, it has been difficult for us to get reliable, smart consultants/programmers. Mark and his team were exactly what we needed. They communicated exceptionally well and worked with us to fully understand our needs. I look forward to working with Cetrix on future projects.

President, Aquasol & Poolsure


Going above and beyond to complete the job

Mark is great to work with ... He did a great job describing the solution in the proposal, was available when we needed him ... He went above and beyond to help complete our proposal on a very tight timeline.

Founder & CEO, Acutedge, Inc.


Easy to work with, quick and excellent outcome

Cetrix was easy to work with, worked quickly, and the work was excellent. Going into the job I didn't know exactly how to talk about what it was that our organization needed done with Salesforce, but they were able to easily figure out what our needs were and customize Salesforce for us. We were very pleased with their work.

The Diversity Center of Northern Ohio


Cetix has truly been one of my best experiences

Our team had never used a CRM system, but people at Cetrix walked us through every step as patiently as they could. What I really loved was that they were able to add valuable suggestions to enhance our CRM site ... Cetix has truly been one of my best experiences, and we now consider them as part of the team ... Because of Cetrix, our team can better communicate with our clients.

Director, HBCU Tours


Couldn't ask for a better experience

Mark was great! I couldn't ask for a better experience. Wait until you hear him on Skype; he is focused, patient and just the right combo of get'er done/calm. His written communication skills are outstanding. I'm looking forward to doing more work with Cetrix.
Leete Generators

Very professional, patient, flexible and thorough

ScriptEd had the pleasure of working with Cetrix Cloud Services on a Salesforce Database Customization project ... the donation of services has allowed ScriptEd to efficiently and affordably build out the Salesforce CRM that we use to manage our programming ... Over the duration of the project, they were professional, patient, flexible, and thorough. ScriptEd is thankful for and would highly recommend the pro-bono services of Cetrix Cloud Services.

ScriptEd INC

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