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We help your marketing to focus on taking leads through funnel instead of doing repetitive tasks

Why Use Marketing Automation?


The main purpose of  marketing automation software is to save marketers from time-consuming repetitive tasks so they can focus on taking a lead through the funnel. Additionally, when used properly, it improves marketing and sales alignment, which ultimately results in increased revenue.

Features and functions of a marketing automation platform include:

  • Email Marketing
  • Landing Pages
  • Campaign Management
  • Prediction/Scoring
  • Lead Management
  • CRM Integration
  • Social Marketing
  • Marketing Analytics

Cetrix Cloud Services selected Salesforce as its premier CRM offering because all the above virtues of Salesforce nicely coincide with our mission and vision of helping startups, SMEs, nonprofits and public organizations to user technology to optimize their operations.


The Foundation of Successful Marketing Automation

As many companies that have failed to implement a marketing automation system have painfully proved, acquiring even the best and most comprehensive software platform alone does not guarantee successful implementation and adoption of the new technology. Before the introduction of a new automation technology into your marketing department, you will need:

  • A well worked-out marketing strategy
  • A marketing plan adapted to the new technology
  • Internal procedures that clearly define the processes between marketing and sales
  • A well-defined funnel
  • High quality and relevant content
  • Well trained and experienced personnel who align themselves with company goals

With these elements in place, a marketing automation platform will act like a supercharged vehicle that will take you to your sales and revenue goals.


How Can Cetrix Help?

Cetrix Cloud Services is expert in the most robust and powerful marketing automation platforms in the world: Hubspot and Salesforce Pardot. Our services encompass all aspects of consulting, planning, designing, implementing, training and support for your choice of cloud marketing platform.

Before recommending a choice of platform, we'll review your strategy and marketing plan and  go through a comprehensive requirements discovery and analysis session with you. If you don’t have a comprehensive marketing plan, we'll  offer our services in this area and work with your marketing team to develop a tailor-made plan for your organization.

In the next step, we recommend one of the above platforms with a specific list of features based on our findings. We will work with you on this plan and finalize it. We'll then develop a complete time and cost schedule with an implementation plan based on agile methodology. We'll implement the plan after receiving approval from you of our recommendations.


Table Of Contents

  1. 4 Benefits of Integrating Your CRM With Your Marketing Automation System
  2. How to Perform Customer Research for Marketing Automation Segmentation
  3. How to Get More ROI from Pardot Marketing Automation?

Our Marketing Automation Services


  • Marketing strategy and plan development
  • Consultation on the choice of marketing automation platform
  • Platform acquisition and implementation
  • Customization
  • New feature development
  • Post- implementation maintenance and support
  • Marketing campaign planning based on automation platform
  • Relevant content production and posting




HubSpot Inbound is Everywhere



Supportbench transform business by an increase in leads of over 500%

HubSpot empowered ProcTest to become a front-runner in their field within two weeks of launch.

HubSpot was an essential catalyst in the launch of Nimmersion's business


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Integrated Automation

Automating business processes and human tasks across integrated digital space of the enterprise

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HubSpot – Salesforce Integration

As businesses rely more on data-centric tools to stream line their sales and marketing, HubSpot and Salesforce integration will help you achieve the next level of consumer experience as well. 

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